What to Look for in a St. Catharines Chartered Professional Accountant

What should you look for when hiring St. Catharines Chartered Professional Accountants? Size matters – your financial needs may swing between personal and business issues. So it makes sense to have your affairs dealt with by a single team-based firm with expertise in both areas.
Based in St. Catharines, Jones & O’Connell LLP serves clients of all types throughout the Niagara Region, as well as in the Golden Horseshoe and Greater Toronto Area. The firm actively stays ahead of the curve with regard to the ever-changing rules for tax compliance – and this applies to individuals as well as businesses.
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The Niagara Region has a thriving economy and one that is unusually diversified. A strong base in agriculture and wineries is combined with business, manufacturing, and a huge tourism component. So where should a business – incorporated or unincorporated - go for financial services? Can the same firm also satisfy taxation scenarios for individuals?

The answer is yes, in the case of St. Catharines-based Jones & O’Connell LLP. The firm is well-established in the Niagara Region but also operates across the Golden Horseshoe and in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). Its many services include financial advisory for businesses; professional assistance for budget and forecasting; business valuation; business purchase and sale; and control analysis. Tax compliance is a highly complex field and the firm is able to guide clients through that often-shifting sector. Similarly, individuals can access the firm’s expertise in financial planning and estates.

If you require a Chartered Professional Accountant in the St. Catharines or Niagara Region, look no further than Jones & O’Connell LLP. Their diverse services offered will be able to check off all the boxes on your to do list, plus much more.